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Love celebrity looks? Can you afford them? The answer to that question is YES! Steal That B's Look hunts for affordable ways to recreate hot, stylish looks. You too can have great style and money to go show it off! Whether your style is edgy or conservative, we've got you covered.

Need our help recreating a look? Email a photo and budget to stealthatbslook@gmail.com.

Have an idea for a celebrity look we should feature? Email us at stealthatbslook@gmail.com and we might showcase your idea!

Stacy is a marketer by day and a fashion lover by night. She enjoys using celebs for inspiration and creating their looks on a budget. Her favorite celebrity inspirations are Rihanna, Cassie, and new comer Rita Ora.

Based in Baltimore, and frequent traveler to New York City, when she sees something she likes, she gets it on a budget! Follow Me on Pinterest
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