Rihanna: A Chick in Chucks

Rihanna Boy Hat
From the good girl next door to good girl gone bad, Rihanna's style is all but conventional and ordinary. While celebs are still wearing heels, Rihanna has recently started wearing sneaker and more funky casual looks.

Leaving her hotel in London, in one of her more funky casual outfits, Rihanna is wearing black Converse All Stars, black leggings, a baggy sweatshirt, and a BOY snap back hat. This look can be recreated for those that want to break the mold and move away from the everyday 'cool.'

Challenge: Bring Rihanna's London look to your closet

Budget: $95 (excluding shoes)


Rihanna Style Casual


Options: (See below for photos of the new look)
  • Sweatshirt: Band and statement tee's and hoodies showcase your personality and keep your style kick ass! A gray, long-sleeved top with some kind of band on the front will add the cute yet casual flare this outfit exhibits. This Amplified Rolling Stones Terrifying Slash Neck Top ($23.20) from ASOS is a great substitute to Rihanna's shirt. 
  • Hat: Another major component to Rihanna's look is her BOY hat. This hat retails for 58.00. If you absolutely love it, spend the extra money! If you're looking for a less expensive version, try creating your own or try the Kidrobot Get Lost Labbit snap back for $35.99. A statement snap back is just what you need to accentuate the look.
  • Leggings: Every girl should own a pair of great, comfortable, black leggings! If you don't have a pair, try these Forever 21 Capri Leggings for $4.80. As long as they're black, mostly cotton and fit you correctly, any pair of leggings will do.
  • Accessories: Over-sized sunglasses are a must for celebrities (and us everyday divas) trying to escape paparazzi and make a statement. You don't need an expensive pair like Rihanna's Alexander McQueen to recreate this look. These Forever 21 Square black shades ($3.80) will do the trick. Even if you don't have the money for the fanciest pair of sunglasses, treat them well and they'll last. Don't forget to complete the look with a chunky vintage gold chain ($20)!
  •  Sneakers: Rihanna is bringing back chicks in Chucks. Converse All Stars look good on just about everyone and classic black and white pair can go with almost anything! Invest in a pair of Chucks for less than $50 at DSW.

Total Cost: $87.79 (add tax & shipping)

Click to get the items mentioned above:

Recreate Rihanna's Entire Look: 

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La La Anthony: Cover of Latina Magazine

Photo Credit: Latina Magazine
 La La Vasquez Anthony! From her start on MTV in the TRL days to her new VH1 reality show, La La's Full Court Life, we can't get enough. La La is not only charming and beautiful, but a fashion icon to boot!

Looking soft yet stylish, La La's cover for Latina Magazine's April 2012 issue showcases the best in Spring pastels. But since it's summer, we've decided to go with bright, bold colors in our style steal.




Challenge: Recreate La La's Spring Look for Summer

Budget: $115 


Lala Anthony Style Latina Magazine Pastel Blazer
Photo Credit Fashion Bomb Daily
Options: (See below for photos of the new look)
  • Yellow Blazer: A bold yellow blazer is sure to turn heads. Forever 21's 3/4 Sleeve Single Breasted Blazer ($32.80) offers the same structure as La La's with a deeper yellow, fit for summer time.
  • Striped Skirt: This Jack by BB Dakota Camilla Striped Skirt for $39.99 from American Outfitters showcases thin horizontal stripes in yellow, white and royal blue. The boxed pleating along the waist hugs tight and shows off that hourglass figure.
  • White Camisole: You can get a cami from just about anywhere. The key is to make sure it is crisp, clean, and white like this Old Navy Cami for $7.50. Simply tuck it in to the skirt and you've got a necessary detail for cheap.
  • Accessories: What sets this look off are the bright, teal earrings La La is wearing with the matching cocktail ring. Check out this ASOS And Mary Jewel Square Cocktail Ring in bright, royal blue for $13.26. Also check out these Neon Popper earrings in blue for $10. They dangle just like La La's and match the And Mary Ring perfectly! 
  • Shoes: We don't know what shoes La La was wearing, what do you think? Tell me in the comment section what shoes you'd wear with this look! 

Total Cost: $103 (add tax & shipping)

Click to get the items mentioned above:

 Recreate La La's Entire Look:

What shoes would you rock with this look? Unlimited budget just for fun ;) 





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In the Name of Fashion: How to Shop at the Thrift Store

In honor of National Thrifting Day July 7th!


Photo Credit Thrifting Denver
I, like most 20-something year old ladies just starting their professional careers, started having an early-life crisis. I had fallen into the pattern of wake up, go to work, come home, throw on some sweats, and watch reality TV. I would like to add emphasis on the "throw on some sweat pants" for the purposes of this post!

I realized I had fallen into a funk. I didn’t know why…but I just didn't FEEL like myself. And suddenly, I had an epiphany! I said, “Why can't I dress like my style icons Rihanna and Cassie? I might not be able to afford the exact same items, but I can recreate their looks!” So with the help of Pinterest, I started an idea board called "My Style."

I've always like the thrift store atmosphere. In the beginning, I was afraid to get clothes from there but in thinking about it, I dontate my old clothes to the thrift store. Just because it is second hand doesn't mean that it is poor quality or run down. People gain and lose weight, get taller, etc. So before passing by the thrift store, think about how some of those people are fashionable like you. We can't keep all the clothes we like forever.

Now, I thought I was alone in my new found style revolution. After sharing the my epiphany with a few friends I discovered that they'd been feeling the same way about themselves.. Who knew!?

So, rule number 1 of thrifting, HAVE AN IDEA BOARD! Taking some kind of inspiration with you to the thrift store is crucial. How else are you going to visualize key pieces while shopping? Don't try to remember, use technology!

Some options for making an idea board are:
  • Sign up for Pinterest (They have an iPhone app!)
  • Cute pictures out of magazines and paste them into a binder
  • Take photos and store them in your phone

Rule number 2, thrift with friends that are also trying to make a fashion statement (in their own way). Remember, your shopping buddy does NOT need to have the same fashion sense as you nor do they need to have the same taste. Fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Just find at least one friend that is ambitious enough to take a risk with you and not play it 'fashionably safe.'

Rule number 3, prior to making the trip and opening your wallet, ask around! Talk to people that go thrifting and want fashionable pieces, not just cheap clothes (a combo of both is always a plus). A fashionable friend and I explored a thrift store an hour away. Another risky friend of mine can find great things in any thrift store. Ask around or take a random leap! But don't only go to a thrift store that has online reviews.

Now once you pick your spot(s) and have a friend in the passenger seat, the last rule is to go in without a plan. I love going into the thrift store, starting one place, looking around and then circling back to your favorite spots. If you go in seeking a random find, why go in all organized? You find the best things when you’re looking for nothing. Keep your ideas in mind (see rule number 1), but don't go looking for a specific piece because you'll miss out on all the randomness that surrounds you!

So keep these tips in mind on your trip:
  • Go in with outfit inspirations in mind (or on your iPhone because Pinterest has an app!) not specific items.
  • Check out the purses and accessories; you never know what you'll find. (I found a great nude sling purse that happened to be real Coach for $30)
  • Don't be afraid of little DIY project. I found a great denim vest for $3 that I'm going to wash, rip, and repeat.
  • Don’t take the men's section for granted! I found a great pair of light wash jeans that I will wash, rip, sand, and repeat. They have great stuff and boyfriend jeans are hot!
  • Shop while in a "thrifting mood." And by “thrifting mood”, I mean eat a great lunch that gives you energy and inspires the hunt. Sometimes we ladies get in that mood where we don't want to search, we just want to find. You KNOW that mood!
  • Don't go thrifting if you’re not a "thrifter." It's okay if you turn your nose up at the thought of wearing used clothes. Check out places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Still great finds, are cheaper, and require a little searching.
  • Have fun! This should be fun and spark ideas. Not a dredging shopping experience.
  • Check out your local National Thrifting Day Events! Here's one in Baltimore, MD for this Saturday!

    So what's the best thing you've found at the thrift store? Let me know below!

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Evelyn Lozada: Basketball Wives Season 4 Reunion

Evelyn Lozada Style Basketball Wives Reunion
Photo Credit Tumblr
Who can forget Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives? While her attitude is unforgettable, so is her style!

At the Basketball Wives Season 4 Reunion, Evelyn shocked the crowd in this stunning, custom Jason Sky black crop top and teal maxi skirt. And to top it all off, she stepped out in a jaw-dropping pair of $3,995 Christian Louboutin Isolde 160mm Platforms.

As we all would love to have a great designer such as Jason Sky create custom looks for us, we (including yours truly), can't always (and by always I mean never) afford it.


 Challenge: Recreate Evelyn Lozada's custom crop and maxi.

Budget: $75.00 (excluding shoes)

Options: (See below for photos of the new look)

  • Crop Top: Crop tops, a.k.a the new cami, have become a staple in a fashionable closet! ASOS has a great 3/4 sleeve, River Island Cut Out black crop top for just $16.97. Why it works: You want to let your statement piece shine and let your supporting pieces, well support. The cute, color, and sleeve length match Evelyn's top. The only difference is that her shirt has a cute zipper on the back, and even though this does not, it has some pops of skin, adding a great detail to the otherwise basic top.

  • Maxi Skirt: Who doesn't love a great maxi skirt? And this color is to die for! With this skirt, you have a few options; go with a bold color or unique cut. Forever 21 has a cute, green High-Low Woven Skirt that can almost mimic Evelyn's custom skirt for a mere $22.80. Another great option: Ditch this green for a popping red Forever 21 Split Pleated Maxi Skirt for 19.80. Although we love the green, this great red has the split to show some skin, paired with an show stopping, bright color. Changing the color of this skirt allows you to bring in your personal taste while still maintaining this fabulous look!

  • Accessories: Evelyn has a unique cuff that has some detail to it yet is understated enough to enhance, not take away from, her look. Aldo has great jewelry. Here's a simple yet interesting Waroway Gold Cuff for $15. If you have one in your jewelry collection, even better! The last accessory you'd need is a pair of over-sized gold hoops! We all have seen the huge 'Basketball Wives gold hoops' the ladies wear on the show but opt for something big, yet simple. If you don't have a pair, check your local beauty supply store or these simple, $6 Oversized Etched Hoop Earrings from Charlotte Russe.

  • Shoes: As much as we would love to own those Louboutin heels, that doesn't fit into our budget! Shoes typically aren't budget friendly but a nice pair of black stilettos will do the trick to complete this look. If you're willing to spend a little extra money, these Chinese Laundry Missing You Platform Sandals are worth the extra pennies for $66.04. Find a unique, spiked out shoe in black or silver and this look is complete! 

Total Cost:  $60.77 (add tax and shipping)

Click to get the items mentioned above:
Recreate Evelyn's entire look:

[Video] Evelyn Lozada Inspired Hair: High Bun & Bangs

[Video] Celebrity Makeup: Evelyn Lozada Inspired Make Up Tutorial | Trina J Makeup Follow Me on Pinterest
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