Rihanna: A Chick in Chucks

Rihanna Boy Hat
From the good girl next door to good girl gone bad, Rihanna's style is all but conventional and ordinary. While celebs are still wearing heels, Rihanna has recently started wearing sneaker and more funky casual looks.

Leaving her hotel in London, in one of her more funky casual outfits, Rihanna is wearing black Converse All Stars, black leggings, a baggy sweatshirt, and a BOY snap back hat. This look can be recreated for those that want to break the mold and move away from the everyday 'cool.'

Challenge: Bring Rihanna's London look to your closet

Budget: $95 (excluding shoes)


Rihanna Style Casual


Options: (See below for photos of the new look)
  • Sweatshirt: Band and statement tee's and hoodies showcase your personality and keep your style kick ass! A gray, long-sleeved top with some kind of band on the front will add the cute yet casual flare this outfit exhibits. This Amplified Rolling Stones Terrifying Slash Neck Top ($23.20) from ASOS is a great substitute to Rihanna's shirt. 
  • Hat: Another major component to Rihanna's look is her BOY hat. This hat retails for 58.00. If you absolutely love it, spend the extra money! If you're looking for a less expensive version, try creating your own or try the Kidrobot Get Lost Labbit snap back for $35.99. A statement snap back is just what you need to accentuate the look.
  • Leggings: Every girl should own a pair of great, comfortable, black leggings! If you don't have a pair, try these Forever 21 Capri Leggings for $4.80. As long as they're black, mostly cotton and fit you correctly, any pair of leggings will do.
  • Accessories: Over-sized sunglasses are a must for celebrities (and us everyday divas) trying to escape paparazzi and make a statement. You don't need an expensive pair like Rihanna's Alexander McQueen to recreate this look. These Forever 21 Square black shades ($3.80) will do the trick. Even if you don't have the money for the fanciest pair of sunglasses, treat them well and they'll last. Don't forget to complete the look with a chunky vintage gold chain ($20)!
  •  Sneakers: Rihanna is bringing back chicks in Chucks. Converse All Stars look good on just about everyone and classic black and white pair can go with almost anything! Invest in a pair of Chucks for less than $50 at DSW.

Total Cost: $87.79 (add tax & shipping)

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